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George Jamell

Mona the Vampire George Jamell

Full Name
George Jamell

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Bully Boy (by Nicole Jablowski)
Susan Jamell (mother)
Mike Jamell(uncle)
Ivan Shawbly (uncle)
Angela Smith (Future Wife)
Voiced by
Oliver Grainger (season 1, 2 and 3)
James Harbour (season 4)

George Jamell is the school bully who refers to Mona, Lily and Charley as a "bunch of babies in Halloween costumes" and picks on Charley most of the time but is not that tough when confronted.

Appearance Edit

George Jamell is a young boy with a fair complexion He always wears a blue Baseball cap on his head backwards with a Black tank top shirt dark gray jean pants with white socks with navy blue Sneakers.

History Edit

He is often seen with Angela. Not only is he a bully, but he's also a tattletale extraordinaire. If there is mischief occurring to which he is not a party or if students haven't done their homework, George is there to tell Ms. Gotto. George is thick, mean, and like all successful bullies, he has a preference for bullying those smaller than him. Worst of all, his tattling has made him the Principal's pet, so the Principal won't lift a finger to discipline him. That and the fact that he is Principal Shawbly's nephew. 


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