together with her friends and her idol Mona plans to stop a hackled alien invasion.


Mona charley and lily with the help of new girl Hanna try to prevent an invasion of a race of alien baby's called sprogs with the help of monas idol raven ([James Makenzie]) and all of Monas friends from school but can the alien defense squad stop this threat before its too late or will the extra ordinarily babys take over and with the stinky men and weapons quickly prove too much for the résistance.


at school Mona is busy reading her favourite mystery book when an new girl named Hanna jones comes in and likes her book she asks what's gotten into her and Hanna gets a message from a space king named Maggie bob third baby witch means the sprogs are launching an invasion to take over the planet and Hanna asks Mona to help her thwart this invasion so Mona declares this is a case for Mona the vampire and her friends charley and lily to help their new friends then Angela comes up with an idea for an elite team so Mona sets up camp with regular training for her soon to be recruits Monas parents see the recruits training and hear Monas preparation song then a tire screech is heard and much to Monas delight her idol raven is here he decides to help Mona command the army of kids against the aliens this goes smoothly because the aliens are defeated and ravens secretary takes a photo of the whole entire army.


raven well Mona

Mona the sprogs are on their way and the resistance must put a stop to their evil

lily general Monas elite team of four recruits is now complete for the final mission

Charley Hanna she proved herself to be dexterous in missions and worked hard to battle the enemy

Angela tom his bravery and strength helped him grab stars through out the town

George Kat logical and competitive perfect carictaristis to help us in our quest

Raven and Louis a brilliant team mate with a feistily resilons that outwitted the sprogs

Mona and now our fifth and final recruit my idol the greatest warrior of them all raven

raven och Mona why me

Mona because your the best ([hugs raven])

Raven thank you Mona

Mona you are gonna join my elite team along with Hanna tom Kat and Louis as we go straight to the final battle against the sprogs

Raven aye Mona as for the others they did their bit well perhaps one day weal find out where the vaporasior sent them

Mona I quite agree until then the time is now so come on everyone we haven't got any of our time to waste so come on everybody lets go