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This article is a complete list of books in the Mona the Vampire franchise.

Original three booksEdit

The original idea of the character Mona was simply an imaginative girl who explores different ideas, rather than only being a vampire, which is represented in the original books. In later media, Mona in the Mona the Vampire franchise solely focuses on being a vampire and is committed to this idea.

Mona the VampireEdit

Mona the Brilliant (also known as Mona the Hairdresser)Edit

Mona the ChampionEdit

Mid-"original" booksEdit

The Big Brown Bap MonsterEdit

The Hairy HandsEdit

The Jackpot DisasterEdit

The Tinned PoltergeistEdit

New books (based on episodes)Edit

The Living ScarecrowEdit

Based on the episode "Attack of the Living Scarecrow".

The Robot Baby-SitterEdit

Based on the episode "The Robot Babysitter".

Jurassic Parking LotEdit

Based on the episode "Jurassic Parking Lot".

Men in DarksuitsEdit

Based on the episode "The Men in Darksuits".

The Vampire HunterEdit

Based on the episode "The Vampire Hunter".

The Book of the SlimyEdit

Based on the episode "The Book of the Slimy".

Miss Gotto's Haunted HouseEdit

Based on the episode "Miss Gotto's Haunted House".

The Jumble Sale GenieEdit

Based on the episode "Garage Sale Genie".

Activity booksEdit

Mona the Vampire Activity BookEdit

Mona the Vampire Colouring BookEdit

Mona the Vampire Sticker Activity BookEdit


The original book series was created by Sonia Holleyman. Later in the book series, the children's author Hiawyn Oram, who had previously created a massive amount of children's books disregarding Mona the Vampire, had helped Sonia to write some of the later books in the series.

Another version of Mona the VampireEdit

Although that is not in the trilogy of Mona the Vampire, we learn in the commentary of the author of the book in french toward the end of Petunia the Vampire : Back to the future, which mentions about the character of rebirth and also they changed the known names in the series of books and television, because of copyright.

Petunia the Vampire : Back to the future (Pétunia le Vampire : Retour vers le futur in french)Edit

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