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Mona the Vampire

Mona The Vampire - Part 1

Full Name
Mona Parker

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Mona the Vampire
Veronica Parker(mother)
Lenny Parker (father)
Waldo (uncle)
Patricia (aunt)
Beatrice (aunt)
Ethel (aunt)
Dolores (aunt)
Morbus (great-great uncle)
Elliot (uncle)
Waldo (uncle)
Dotty (cousin)
Melvin (cousin)
Fang (Cat)
Voiced by
Emma Taylor

Mona Parker AKA Mona the Vampire is the main protagonist of the television series as well as the books. In the TV series, she is voiced by Emma Taylor-Isherwood in television series, Kelly Marot in the French version, Thomasanna Moderters in the African version, Angela Quast in the German version, Cristina Hernández in the American Spanish version, Carmen Ambrós in the Castilian Spanish version, and Yang Jeong Hwa in the Korean (Tooniverse) version. She is the only daughter of the Parker family because it has seen in all of the episodes that she has no brothers or sisters.


Mona is characterized as a young, extremely cute and tomboyish yet beautiful 10-year-old girl with a vivid imagination. She believes her hometown is overrun with supernatural monsters or other creatures or entities and, as Mona the Vampire, plans to stop all of them and save her town on a daily basis. Despite her cuteness and beauty, she also enjoys watching monster movies and reading comic books, which is one of the main inspirations of this idea. Her alter-ego, Mona the Vampire, has a "vampire sense" which "tingles" every time something unusual or odd happens.



Mona has fair skin, rosy cheeks, big green eyes, short light brown hair with two red ribbons tied into bows and wears a white dress shirt, red sweater, black mini-skirt, cream-colored panties, a matching camisole, white calf-high socks and brown loafers. As a vampire, she wears a black braided wig with red and yellow ribbons, a purple flower-patterned cape, brown knee pads and a black bow-tie.

Her pajamas are red with black bats and black collar.

In "The rescue of Queen Mab" when Madeleine Gotto does p.e outside Mona wears a white T-shirt with a red collar, red shorts with white socks and brown shoes.

In "Heatwave", "The Sandman", and "Freaky the snowman" she wears a one-piece swimsuit which is red with black bats on the front with a black bow and a black skirt.

In the episode "Freaky the snowman", when it (surprisingly) snows in July, she wears a red coat with red bobbles, purple gloves and scarf, orange earmuffs and white socks in brown woolly boots.

In "The Dastardly Dr. Voodoo", when St. Faith elementary school has a dance Mona wears a blue dress with puffy sleeves and cuff trim and pink sash with shiny black shoes without socks. (and it's the second episode that Mona changes her bows) and she wears pink bows in her hair (Veronica Parker buys her the dress for the school dance).

In other episodes like "The Ninja's Curse" she wears a white karate gi with a white belt.

In "The skeleton cowboy" she wears a brown jacket with brown hat (all throughout the episode she wears it over her vampire costume).


Trivia ==

  • Although it may seem like harmless imagination or just a child having fun, Mona Parker could be seen as a little girl with "fantasy prone personality".[1]
    • Statistically and modern, children from the ages of 10 and older tend to give up on imaginative playing (unless it is for school). If not, they could become institutionalized by parents, teachers, etc., due to the chance they could become a danger to themselves and/or others.