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Mona the Vampire Wiki is a fan created collaborative encyclopedia which aims to provide detailed information on all aspects of the Canadian animated television series, Mona the Vampire, as well as the short stories from which it is based. This will include the characters, the episodes, the locations etc. Since this is fan created, this means that everybody is free to join in and edit on this wiki!

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Do you find Mona Parker, his identity, cute ?

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Do you want an animated film Mona the Vampire based on the book in french of Pétunia le Vampire : Retour vers le futur (Petunia the Vampire : Back to the future) ?

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Why do people like Mona the Vampire?, who come the before a technical problem.

This is a question that may be asked by some critics. This box gives a list of users, pseudonyms, or anonymous subjects, and tells what they like about the Mona the Vampire franchise. You can submit your entry to this box at the talk page of the main page.

MadisonGrundtvig says (at age 18, from United States):

"Mona the Vampire is a very interesting franchise. The television series alone is full of imagination, humor, action, and color. Beyond that, the books are very well written, and I can say the same thing about them as the television series. I believe Sonia Holleyman and co. did a great job and worked very hard on this franchise, and I think it should definitely be commemorated."

Bat-canadiem says (at age 25, from Canada):

Original comment in French: Nous sommes content et félicite l'utilisateur Mona demande le Mediawiki de crée un Wiki Mona le Vampire, en anglais, le danois, le français et peut-être bientôt l'espagnol. Je pense beaucoup de Mona Parker son identité que moins son alter-ego Mona le Vampire parce qu'elle est vraiment mignonne, qu'elle est beh sage, ni trop tannée et ni enfin peut-être qu'elle ne pleure jamais dans la série, mais si ça arrive dans l'un des épisodes c'est corrret. Aussi, j'ai sorti un livre en français Pétunia le Vampire : Retour vers le futur (Petunia the Vampire : Back to the future) et qu'à la fin de mon livre, croyez-le ou non j'ai laisse un commentaire à propos de la renaissance de Mona le Vampire afin demande la permission d'Orchard Books en Angleterre qu'un jour si je pourrais faire des suites de Mona le Vampire

English translation: We are happy and pleased that the user MadisonGrundtvig could ask MediaWiki to create a Mona the Vampire Wiki in English, Danish, French and perhaps soon Spanish. I think a lot more of Mona Parker's identity less than her alter-ego Mona the Vampire because she is really cute and wise, neither too tired nor lastly she may never cry in the series, but that happens in one of the episodes, that's correct. Also, I have published a book in French called Petunia the Vampire: Back to the Future and at the end of my book, believe it or not, I left a comment in the book about the revival of Mona the Vampire in order to ask the permission of Orchard Books in England that one day I might make the rest of Mona the Vampire.

HelovesMissGotto04 says (at age 21, from Germany):

"I like mon a the vampire, because it was my first step in the world of Horror and Horror is so exciting. By the way: I like this show because of the cool characters and my similarity to Charley Bones, Monas sidekick. But the most reason for me to like this show is the good-looking Miss Gotto!"

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If you want to watch Mona the Vampire show in English, it is broadcast every morning at 8:30 am and replay Monday through Friday at 3:30 in the afternoon and Saturday and Sunday at 11:30 am on BBC Kids.

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