The Nefarious Computer Virus
Season 01, Episode 02 B.
Air Date September 20, 1999
Previous Von Kreepsula Runs Amok
Next The Miserable Phantom Dog

The Nefarious Computer Virus is the second episode B. of the Mona the Vampire television series on September 20, 1999.


Charley gets a new computer game, "Starclangers IV", ever since he's been acting weird, gets late to school and doesn't gets much sleep. After a while the game becomes everyone's favorite, even Mona's parents' and Mr. Shawbly's. Mona and Lily discover that the game has a virus that infects people's brains, they have to go inside the game and destroy the virus to save their friend and the whole city.

Cast Edit

Actor Role
Emma Taylor-Isherwood Mona the Vampire / Mona Parker
Carrie Finlay Princess Giant / Lily Duncan
Justin Bradley Zapman / Charley Bones
Marcel Jeannin Mr. Parker
Carole Jeghers Mrs. Parker
Jennifer Seguin Miss Gotto
Rick Miller Principal Shawbly
Tia Caroleo Angela Smith

Uncredited appearances Edit

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