The Sounds of Sirens
Season 01, Episode 8b
The Sounds of Sirens
Air Date November 1, 1999
Previous The Vampire Hunter
Next The Book of the Slimy

The Sounds of Sirens is the a part of the 8 episode of the first season of Mona the Vampire, which was first broadcast on Nov 1, 1999.

Summary Edit

Mona and Lily suspect Lucie Lanning of a siren, a girl with a squeaky voice, is the most unbearable voice all the St. Faith's Elementary, which inspire confidence, because that Charley has fallen in love with her.

Cast Edit

Actor Role
Emma Taylor-Isherwood Mona Parker
Carrie Finlay Lily Duncan
Justin Bradley Charley Bones
Melissa Altro Lucie Lanning
Oliver Grainger George Jamell
Tia Caroleo Angela Smith
Jennifer Seguin Miss Gotto
Marcel Jeannin Mr. Parker

Uncredited appearances Edit

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