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  • I live in Plymouth, Indiana, United States
  • I was born on May 23
  • I am Female
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Hi! My name is Madison Grundtvig (yes, that is my real name as well as my username). I came here because Mona the Vampire is my favorite television series, and I see that this Wiki is somewhat abandoned. It has a few editors, although the only administrator of this Wiki seems to have only made two edits to the main page, and left afterwards. I don't know the story behind that, but that's just what I see. He/she also hasn't seemed to even log onto Wikia at all since 2012.

Other Projects of ContributionEdit

I edit many Wikis, as well as owning a few myself. I edit:

I own:

My Goal for This WikiEdit

My goal is to make this Wiki have more information than it has, so that people can just look up any character, episode, season, staff member, etc., and get information about such. I also will try to advertise the Wiki to anyone interested so that it gets more editors, thus getting more help with the Wiki.

Contact MeEdit

Want to get to know me even more or converse with me? You can leave me a message on my Talk Page, or you can hit me up on FaceBook.

Links And Keywords For Me To Personally UseEdit

You don't have to read this. I just put links here so I can remember where some things are.

Zapp-A-Rama Gun

Mona the Vampire and Zapman went missing. Princess Giant walks into a spooky castle! She says "My name is Princess Giant! I am walking into a castle full of mystery!" The door shuts, and she can't get out now! "Oh no! I am now locked inside!" She looks around for a few minutes and ho I think Mona and Charley are trapped in this spooky place too!"

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